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Outdoor Kitchens

Outdoor Kitchens?


An outdoor kitchen or grilling area, installed by Doc's Landscaping & Lawn Service, LLC, is a designated space outside of a home or building that is specifically designed for cooking, preparing, and serving food. It usually includes features like retaining walls/islands, landscape lighting, a grill, cooktop, sink, refrigerator, cabinets, and countertops. The design of your Lexington or Jackson, TN area outdoor kitchen can vary greatly depending on the available space of your outdoor living area, budget, and personal preferences of the homeowner.


An outdoor kitchen or grilling area is typically located in a backyard or paver patio area and provides a convenient and enjoyable way to cook and entertain guests while enjoying the outdoors. It can range from a simple setup with a grill and some counter space, to a more elaborate design that includes multiple cooking stations, seating areas, and other features like a pizza oven or outdoor bar.


Considerations For Your Outdoor Kitchen Include


  • Cooking – A BBQ grill is the most popular choice for outdoor cooking, but there are other outdoor cooking options such as ceramic charcoal grills outdoor ovens, or even a brick or stone pizza oven, for example.

  • Refrigerators / Wine Coolers – A refrigerator or wine cooler is a perfect addition to any outdoor kitchen. Not only can you handily keep your favorite beverages cold, but you can also keep those food condiments handy.

  • Granite Counter Top – Like an indoor kitchen, your outdoor version might include granite counter tops and storage cabinets. For the counter top in your outdoor kitchen two options are brick or stone. The counter space can also be used to eat on. Usually when you are planning for an eat-on counter, you want to make sure that it’s at least 15″ deep and approximately 24″ wide per person.

  • Storage cabinets need to be waterproofed on an outdoor kitchen, and there are many woods that are resistant to rot — such as redwood. Stainless steel that matches a grill, for instance, is another good option for cabinets.

  • Sink – No kitchen would be complete without a sink. Outdoor sinks are either fed with a hose or connected to the home’s water supply. Good choices for your outdoor sink would be either stainless steel or ceramic.

  • Covered or Open? – You might want to consider keeping your kitchen sheltered from the elements. You can have a pergola, gazebo or covered porch over your kitchen area, but experts wouldn’t recommend having a ceiling or shelter over the grill area because of the potential for smoke.

  • Flooring – Finally, it’s important to consider the proper flooring. You must try to avoid using flooring that is slick, which makes a Paver Patio the perfect foundation for your outdoor Kitchen.

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