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Outdoor Living

What is an Outdoor Living area?

An Outdoor Living Area can be whatever the Florida homeowner wants it to be, provided that the area is outside and that a good deal of family time is spent living in it. Here are a few questions that will help define what your Outdoor Living Area will be: 

  • What are your wants and needs?
  • How do you and your family like to spend your time out-of-doors?
  • Do you entertain guests often or is your outdoor time spent with family?

These are the three most important questions to consider when meeting with our Designer. At Site Pros Landscaping, we can establish what we need to focus on in order to maximize your family's overall outdoor living experience, contact us today to get started. 



Outdoor Living Products & Services 

For some families, in the Winter Springs, Orlando, Seminole County, Florida area, Outdoor Living can be as simple as a furnished patio and grilling area. For others it can be as sophisticated as a fully furnished Outdoor Kitchen & Outdoor Fireplace accented by a relaxing area, including a swimming pool and lounge area, with a well designed landscape and water garden to add ambiance. Cooking is an important element of most Outdoor Living areas and usually takes place at all hours, from morning until midnight. Your Outdoor Kitchen area will likely incorporate a good barbeque Grill, an outdoor refrigerator to keep food and beverages cool and handy, and a counter area where friends can watch and keep you company while you prepare the food. All of these features should be arranged to form an efficient working triangle just as they are indoors. An area to sit, relax, read, converse and even watch a game on the flat screen tv.  Creating a unique addition to any outdoor living area.

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